About Jason


My expertise is in digesting complex, open-ended problems into executable plans through research and prototyping (oftentimes in the physical realm). Over the course of my career, I've immersed myself in notoriously difficult industries – education, healthcare, and transportation – and built novel solutions to systemic challenges.

I'm currently the executive director of advanced projects at United Technologies Corporation where I am building a brand new organization dedicated to rapidly piloting ambitious and disruptive product demonstrators. 

Prior to this, I was an executive at Airbus leading Transpose, a program completely rethinking the way aircraft cabins are experienced by passengers, and built by manufacturers. Our physical test platform is a full-size, fully engineered modular airplane cabin in Silicon Valley, where we conduct simulated flights and host industry workshops.

I co-founded the maker education initiative SparkTruck at Stanford’s d.school which brought hands-on exploration to standardized test-driven classrooms, led the MAKEwithMOTO research pilot at Motorola which brought mass customization tools to staid consumer tech products, and developed a variety of physical and digital retail experiences for Google’s early forays into smartphone manufacturing. I also led consumer experience and marketing at Knit Health, a startup focusing on pediatric health feedback through passive biometrics.

I completed my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in product design and mechanical engineering at Stanford University, and have spent time on campus as a lecturer at the d.school.

I spend my free time absorbing trivia from design blogs, academic journals, and library books.